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We are making every effort to ensure the safest event possible. To attend our wedding, we are requiring that all eligible guests must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Please reach out to Nikki/Cole with any questions.
Nikki & Cole




Nikki and Cole

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Nikki and Cole began dating in 2010 despite attending different high schools, being in different classes (Nikki is one year ahead), and having two drastically different maturity levels (you can form your own opinion on this one).

While they met through a mutual friend, the two came to know each other by attending the same church youth group. Cole wore v-neck t-shirts, had a “mop-top” haircut, and sang lead vocals in the worship band so you can understand why Nikki fell for him so deeply. Eventually, Cole worked up the courage to ask Nikki out to get ice cream (via messaging her on Facebook) and the rest has been history.

For six of the next eight years the two successfully dated long-distance while attending different colleges, living in different cities, and even at times having three time zones between them. Eventually, Cole finished school and moved to San Francisco to accept his dream job putting him a quick flight away from his dream girl living in Los Angeles.

One weekend, Cole sneakily contacted Nikki’s real estate team in LA without her knowledge to set up a fake house showing that they’d all be “unavailable for,” forcing Nikki to do a showing late on a Friday afternoon. On the back patio of an eight million dollar mansion in the Malibu hills, Nikki begrudgingly awaited the arrival of a wealthy potential buyer...instead she was surprised by a smiling Cole holding flowers, champagne, and a ring box!

Nikki and Cole had eagerly anticipated their March 2020 wedding date, but after postponing their original plans, they eloped in Red Rock Canyon State Park on July 23, 2020.

Cole and Nikki are SO excited to celebrate their marriage with you all! As it is written: good things come to those who wait.
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